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Why work at SimpleSite

SimpleSite is an international company in great and profitable growth, all due to our team of highly qualified people. We share a passion for matching a deep insight in customers and their challenges with stellar solutions and user friendliness. We constantly reap from our experience, so we can do better. We're nuts about lean and profitable growth and always look ahead to develop, adapt and optimize. Every day we work on our vision to enable small business all over the world to more effectively get customers. So as part of our team, you would be working with the latest technologies and tech trends in one of the world's best companies in its market. And you'd get plenty of opportunity to unfold and develop your talent if you obsess over technology and customer needs and how they intersect to create amazing solutions.



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Hi! We're SimpleSite

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business? Being your own boss? That is something that we deeply respect here. We also know that it can be a daunting task to make that dream come true. That is why we are here – to do our very best to make it happen for you. And in particular, we know that getting customers is both the hardest, most critical and most rewarding part of being your own boss. We have made it our mission to be the world’s leading experts in knowing how to help you get the customers that you want. We know what works for which businesses and we keep improving SimpleSite so that we can guide you step by step to getting more customers. We know that helping you get more customers can make your dreams come true. And if we can help you to more customers – then our dream comes true as well.



Working at SimpleSite: What's it like ?

We’re a tech company that’s gone from startup to an international company in great and profitable growth. Today, more than 25 million websites are created with SimpleSite with more than 300.000 more joining each month. We are a team driven company, who treat each other in an equal and non-hierarchical way. We focus heavily on product development and discovery, and pride ourselves on our agility and our ability to be laser-focused on our goals and to give our teams a high degree of freedom in choosing how to succeed reaching those goals.



We are proud of our culture

At SimpleSite we all pull in the same direction. Our approach is minimal hierarchy and maximum transparency and employee freedom. We are clear about our goals at all levels and empower all employees be part of making the choices on how to reach the goals. We are a flexible workplace that encourages people to arrange their workdays around their lives, not just their work. If the nursery doesn’t open until 10 am, we want you to have the flexibility to manage your work. We are all here to impact productivity and happiness, while everyone feels at home in the office.



We have loads of opportunities for you to grow

SimpleSite is represented worldwide and with more than 20 nationalities in our team, we’re a open and inclusive place to grow your career. We believe in individuality and freedom to express your opinion. At SimpleSite we want you to develop, learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. We are always open for new ideas and trust our employees to take full responsibility in their ventures.





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