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SimpleSite is all about enabling small business owners of all technological backgrounds to easily create their own websites, do marketing and get customers. For the vast majority of small business owners, marketing and customer acquisition represents a huge and frighteningly important challenge. They have to overcome this challenge to succeed with their project of taking charge of their own destiny and having an independent life as business owners. Our goal is that any small business owner at any skill level should be able to come to SimpleSite and acquire more customers, in simple and manageable steps. We are really proud of our clients and have a deep respect for their challenges and the magnitude of what they are trying to achieve.

At SimpleSite, we have created a culture with room for discussions and dialogue. We show respect for each other and know that listening is the most important part of the conversation. We keep our eye on the ball, follow through and consider how our work impacts others, enthusiastically taking ownership of all that we do.



As part of our Analytics-team you’ll work closely with Data Scientists as well as UX-designers and frontend developers, in building and deploying our next generation of tools that will enable small business owners to succeed online. This requires in-depth understanding of our users, their marketing needs, skills and capabilities, as well as the ability and infrastructure to capture and process data, and reliably deliver results back to our client-facing apps. At SimpleSite, you will get the chance to build hands-on domain expertise from day 0. You will get real-world experience using the latest tools and cloud infrastructure to solve these challenges. We are still building and improving our tech-stack, so you will have the chance to influence what technologies we base our future stack on. You’ll get the chance to work with training, deploying and monitoring ML-models that make concrete recommendations to our users, based on who they are and what they have done. At the end of the day, any model is only as good as the training data. You will ensure that we continuously improve our data quality, as well as discover and make new data sources available. Among other things, you will do this by building new pipelines, tools and data models in the cloud.



• Extend and maintain our current data infrastructure

• Collaborate w. our Data Scientists in making new data sources available, or moving models into production

• Design and implement the data models, and pipelines, that allow us to     capture the most relevant data about our users, and feed it back as analysis to our Data Scientists, UX Designers or predictions and recommendations to users in our apps.



• MSc degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar

• Experience w. cloud computing services (preferably AWS)

• Strong skills in Python programming

• Experience working w. relational databases (e.g. Postgres, MySQL)

• Experience working w. Data Lakes / Datawarehousing and ETL pipelines


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